Sunday, September 20, 2009

work in progress


this is probably a combination of my just signing the lease for a little fixer-upper artists studio and then seeing this lovely nursery and thinking to myself "If I could decorate a room just for me, I'd definitely put that frickin' awesome fake alligator head in it."

And then I decided to play the "Lets Pretend You've Got Big Dollars to Spend" with my dream studio as a theme.

+It would definitely be a combination of old but architectural (like the chair & the flat file) and modern design (including the invisible book shelves and the urban outfitters couch).

+The first thing I'd buy would most certainly be that beauty of a desk, by Wintercheck Factory. It's basically perfect - room for me to put my papers and bills, and enough room to draw. I'd probably want an extra table for a printer/scanner, too...

+LOTS of random tchotchkes. I'd want plenty of great vintage mugs and TONS of stuff by Harry Allen - especially that piggy bank.

+Grey and white walls (paint swatches are Sherwin Williams) with great colorful curtains.

of course, I'd also want my dream studio to look like it was something right out of the Selby. How great is Thomas Lelu's?

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  1. I love the grey and white walls idea. It's an incredibly sophisticated combination, especially when you start adding in accents of color.