Sunday, May 10, 2009

trash to treasure


wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles! Look what was sitting by the dumpsters when the boy and I came back from picking up a new tv stand (to be seen soon) and breakfast at Mickey's! It's a little beat up here and there - but this might not be a problem, as I'm now considering painting the table tops another color. Something like this, but without the yellow legs.

OH SAINT PAUL. Thank you for your glorious dumpster finds.

Also, I realize there has been a terrible lot of apartment-related photo posts... so here is my most recent blog of choice, pony and pink! A cute girl and a cute boy, posting their cute clothin'.


  1. Oh it is cool, great find. I love that blog too, did a post on it a while back as well. :-)

  2. You knowwww... I don't know what you had planned for this piece, but it would make a very suitable tv stand.